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The best celebrity hair of the 2010s that inspired who we wanted to be

“It’s the kind of thing that drives a stylist crazy because you can’t look like that.”

Caroline Mitgang, cheap louis vuitton bags from china a Los Angeles hairdresser, sighs over the phone. “That’s the theme. The theme today is going to be: You can’t look like that.”

Mitgang is talking about a pseudo pixie cut actress Michelle Williams rocked for Louis Vuitton in 2013. It was fun, elegant, and seemingly effortless the kind of cut anyone would want.

“That’s the theme. The theme today is going to be: You can’t look like that.”

“God, I got so Designer Louis Vuitton Replica Handbags many people. cheap replica handbags Everyone brought me that reference that year.”

But like “The Rachel” of the late ’90s, which also exuded relaxation, the Williams Louis replica louis vuitton bags from china Vuitton look was ludicrously hard to achieve, high quality replica handbags china let alone maintain. Its sculpted sloppiness is the sort of chic only serious money and time can buy.

“It was so striking,” Mitgang recalls. “But it’s all really deceptive. It’s immaculately coiffed with product coming out the ears and a person carefully controlling where every little piece is going.”

Still, the desirability of that unattainable style landed in Mitgang’s chair repeatedly, and she wasn’t the only one to notice. Numerous fashion publications reported on the ad campaign and the hair at the center of it, among them Cosmopolitan, Elle, replica designer handbags and Vogue.

Glamour lauded the style as an “inspiration for any woman who’s trying to grow out short hair.” By Mitgang’s account, this is about a lot more than one ad and one adorable cut.

Attending beauty school in the Upper East Side of New York City in 2008 and then relocating to Los Angeles in 2017 where she met this reporter over some long layers and balayage Mitgang has seen a lot of celebrity inspired misconceptions.

Wading through Kelly Osbourne lavender to Dascha Polanco gray to Billie Eilish emerald and back again, Mitgang can describe much of the past decade through colors, cuts, and styles.

“If you bring a reference to a stylist and your hair naturally is not the color or texture of the replica louis vuitton bags person in the picture, it ain’t happening.”

If the start of the 2010s was dominated by Drew Barrymore’s dark roots, Emma Watson’s post Harry Potter chop, and Bruno Mars’ pompadour, then the end of it belongs to Lizzo’s perfect puff, Busy Philip’s care free pink, and Jonathan Van Ness’s shiny tresses with handlebar mustache and possibly Joe Keery’s surprise bangs depending on who you ask.

Mitgang’s primary job may be giving haircuts, but in a society as fame centric as ours, weathering cultural tides has become a core tenet of customer care. In 2016, Mitgang was even called upon to break down Hillary Clinton’s coif and Donald Trump’s “situation” in political op eds for Quartz to, you know, help us decide who would be the fake designer bags president.

Of course, we replica louis vuitton , the clients, didn’t want every look we noticed this decade. But when we saw something we had to have, we arrived with very specific instructions for people like Mitgang, often to their frustration and our detriment.

“If you bring a reference to a stylist and your hair naturally is not the color or texture of the person in the picture, it ain’t happening,” Mitgang warns. “I love references as far as understanding a silhouette that appeals to you and then I can hopefully kind of translate it into something that makes sense, but it has to make sense on you.”

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It’s not hard to understand that certain cuts work better on replica louis vuitton handbags some people than others, and by extension, that some looks only work for celebrities with the resources to manage them.

Still, there’s that gut feeling many of us know all too well. It’s a tingling that radiates from your Google search results straight to your scalp, saying, “This will work for me.”

“This poor boy,” Mitgang recounts of one particularly jarring request. “He was like 18, and had this really, really, really long, super curly, almost jet black hair that he hadn’t cut in years. And he says, ‘I want to cut my hair really short and also I want to dye it blonde and here’s a picture of Blake Lively.'”

“Whether you have it, don’t have it, whatever condition it is in. It defines how the world sees you.”

Mitgang pulled out her scissors and dye, and much to her surprise, the client was thrilled. Of course, Mitgang was ready. She’d been seeing the Blake Lively thing ever since Gossip Girl premiered in 2007.

According to Mitgang, clients regularly come in with visions of celebrities Fake Louis Vuitton Replica Bags , often entertainers, they would like to emulate in one way or another and decide to go for it, consequences be damned. For many of us, identity and hair are inextricably linked, a canvas on which we cast dreams and imagine better versions of ourselves.

“Hair is such a defining feature of people’s lives whether you have it, don’t have it, whatever condition it is in. It defines how the world sees you, it can define how you feel about yourself, and how you carry yourself.”

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It’s a surprisingly private thing, conjuring who we might want to be.

I spoke with countless people while researching the topic of hair inspo among them, an old colleague who deliberately got the “news anchor bob” to appear more professional, a drinking buddy who calls his formerly balding now shaved head the “Jason Discount Replica Louis Vuitton Bags Statham,” and a close friend who to this aaa replica designer handbags day credits Viola Davis’s performance in How To Get Away with Murder for helping her embrace her natural texture.

All of these people , in one way or another, asked not to be named.

“It’s embarrassing to compare yourself to a famous person,” one of them said, underscoring the weird paradox of seeking celebrity hair. “I don’t want anyone to think that I think I look like that.”.

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